Index of works (with links to Commentaries & Summaries)

These works of Zola are arranged by type in alphabetical order. Also see


Les Rougon-Macquart (The Rougon-Macquart Cycle)

Les Trois Villes

Les Quatre Évangiles

  • Fécondité  (Fruitfulness) (1899)
  • Travail  (Labor/Work) (1901)
  • Vérité (Truth) (1903, published posthumously)
  • Justice  (unfinished)

Short Stories and Novellas

  • Angeline (1899) (short story first published in London Star)
  • L’Attaque du moulin (1877) (short story included in Les Soirées de Médan, a collection of stories by six authors)
  • Le Capitaine Burle (1882) (short story collection including Le Capitaine Burle, Comment on meurt and La Fête à Coqueville)
  • Contes à Ninon (1864) (Stories from Ninon) including Le grand Michu (1870), see commentary by Lisa Hill (ANZ LitLovers)
  • L’Inondation (1880) (novella) The Flood
  • Le Jeûne (1870) (Fasting)
  • Madame Sourdis (1880 in Russia, 1900 in France)
  • Naïs Micoulin (1884) (short story collection including Naïs MicoulinLa Mort d’Olivier Bécaille, Les Coquillages de M. Chabre and Jacques Damour)
  • Nantas (1878)
  • Nouveaux Contes à Ninon (1874) (New Stories from Ninon)
  • Pour une nuit d’amour (1876) (For a Night of Love)
  • Les Quatre Journees de Jean Gourdon (1874) (novella included in Nouveaux Contes à Ninon)

Non-fiction (essays & letters)

  • L’affaire Dreyfus: lettre à la jeunesse  (The Dreyfus Affair) (1887)
  • Documents Littéraires, Études et portraits (1881)
  • Edouard Manet: étude biographique et critique (1867)
  • J’accuse (I Accuse) (1898)
  • Le Naturalisme au théâtre (1881)
  • La République et la Littérature (1879)
  • Le Roman Experimental (1880) The Experimental Novel
  • Les Romanciers naturalistes (1881) (essays)
  • Mes haines (1866) (art and literary criticism)
  • Mon salon (1866) (art and literary criticism)
  • Nos auteurs dramatiques (1881) (essays)
  • La Vérité en marche (1901) (collection of Zola’s essays on The Dreyfus Affair)


10 comments on “Index of works (with links to Commentaries & Summaries)

  1. Subham says:

    Could you please give me a link on any notes on the short story: ‘The maid of the dauber’. I just finished reading it and would like to look up a few things. This is my first Zola.

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  2. Ashley Armstrong says:

    Is there an online resource as good as this covering Balzac’s writings?


  3. Tamara says:

    Hi, I just saw a French culinary program that mentions that Zola has written about seafood, but I don’t know in which title. Could you maybe help me?


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