‘Le Ventre de Paris’ Cover Images

Le Ventre de Paris was first published in 1873 and has been translated as The Belly of Paris, The Fat and the Thin and Savage Paris.

For images of other covers please look on the Images page.


4 comments on “‘Le Ventre de Paris’ Cover Images

  1. Thanks, Jonathan. They really went in every direction with these! The Mondial is weird and looks like modern art. The Fat and the Thin with the house looks like it should be for a horror novel. The horror, the horror, the cheese.


    • Jonathan says:

      Yes, you’re right Dagny, there’s quite a mix of covers here, and I don’t understand the relevance of the ‘house on a hill’ one either. BTW is ‘cheese horror’ a new genre?


    • Lisa Hill says:

      I agree, there’s extraordinary variety here. I’d love to be able to interview the designers of these covers to learn what they were thinking…
      Well done, Jonathan, this series about the cover images is really interesting and a great addition to our homage to Zola.


  2. […] Fat in conflict with the Thin!  (You can see more lurid and tasteless covers of this title  in Jonathan’s amazing collection at The Works of Emile Zola).  Gilbert’s lovely painting  – which for some reason still has copyright […]


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