‘Lourdes’ Cover Images

Lourdes was first published in 1894 and is the first part of Les Trois Villes. The only known English translation is by Ernest Alfred Vizetelly.

For images of other covers please look on the Images page.

5 comments on “‘Lourdes’ Cover Images

  1. Thanks, Jonathan! I have never before seen a cover of any of the Three Cities Trilogy. When I prepared the etexts, it was from old hardcover books and the dust jackets, if they ever existed, were long gone. These will be a treat for me.


    • Jonathan says:

      When I first got into Zola in the early ’90s I kept seeing the yellow Pocket Classics versions around and always found them visually appealing. I recently bought copies second-hand, basically so I could get a good scanned copy of them; sometimes the book as a physical object is just attractive. I was originally going to read the PG versions but now I have physical copies I may read them – the print is quite small though.

      When was your hardcover version published?

      I’m thinking about reading Les Trois Villes soon(ish), but it may not be until early next year.


  2. N@ncy says:

    I read the Folio Classique version.The cover is sketch by Steinlen “Emile Zola au pèlerinage de Lourdes”. Steinlen is best known for his posters “La Chat Noir”. You see the ‘familar’ waves of people flowing towards Lourdes for their miracle.


    • Jonathan says:

      Thanks for the info N@ncy. It’s quite a famous image; do you know the original source? Was it for a journal or newspaper article?


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