Germinal (1993) – Movie Images

Germinal is one of Zola’s most famous novels and is a bleak depiction of a mining community before, during and after a strike. The book, as usual for Zola, is packed with characters and events that bring the story alive.

The 1993 film adaption of the novel was directed by Claude Berri and starred Gérard Depardieu as Maheu. The film also had Renaud as Étienne Lantier and Miou-Miou as Maheude. Further information can be found at IMDb.

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5 comments on “Germinal (1993) – Movie Images

  1. Great job putting these together, Jonathan.


    • Jonathan says:

      I enjoyed watching the film again – I probably saw it when it came out as I used to go to the cinema a lot then. It’s not as bleak as the book but good nonetheless. Have you seen it?


  2. Lisa Hill says:

    I hired the film from QuickFlix a year or so ago after I read Germinal (my first Zola). I thought it was brilliant, and these images bring back vivid memories of it. Makes me want to watch it again, for sure. Thanks, Jonathan.


    • Jonathan says:

      I tried to get snapshots at significant points in the film. Hopefully the images tell the story of Germinal. It’s difficult to imagine a better film version.


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